kudos to mtv for spreading this message tho

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David LaChapelle, Addicted to Diamonds, 1997

David LaChapelle, Addicted to Diamonds, 1997

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Real Friends - Maybe This Place Is The Same And We’re Just Changing + Snaps

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It doesn’t matter how much you care about someone; if they are a negative or destructive presence in your life, run away.

If they tell you they care and still consistently hurt you, run away.

Don’t sacrifice yourself simply because others throw around the word ‘love’.

This is so important.

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so keep talking 'cause i love to hear your voice, your voice again...

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"Your only problem, perhaps, is that you scream without letting yourself cry."

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"I think it’s time I let you go. And that’s so hard to do because some part of me will be in love with you for the rest of my life. But the daydreaming, the running in place, it’s not healthy. So this is me, cutting the cord. This is me doing what I should have done months ago: saying goodbye."

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This could not have come into my life at a better time

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